Emergency Service

Emergency Service

Have an Emergency?  We Have Quick Response Times

When your gate doesn’t open, it isn’t a problem that can wait. After all, a poorly functioning gate often means that you can’t enter or exit your property with your vehicle.

Much like you wouldn’t go a long time without your front door or garage opening, you won’t want to have days go by waiting for your electric gate repair.

Luckily, you don’t have to wait until morning to have your gate issue repaired because Quality Gate Company is available 24 hours per day and has some of the industry’s fastest and best gate repair service times in San Diego.

Your gate is an essential part of your home security system because it limits who can drive onto your property. Make sure that your gate is always functioning at its full capacity and that you never experience long-term problems by calling us at (760) 723-2901.

Stuck Behind Your Gate

Many of the calls that we receive for emergency gate repair come from clients who are stuck behind their gates and cannot get out of their driveways.

Picture a scenario where you have a significant meeting in the afternoon and are trying to get to the office to prepare. You push the button that would usually open your gate, and nothing happens.

Panic starts to set in, as you have no idea how you will get your car out of the driveway. You know that you have a few hours to figure it out, but time is still of the essence.

You then remember that your neighbor mentioned having his gate maintenance done by Quality Gate Company. You give us a call, and we send a certified technician to your home to get your gate opener functioning again.

Hopefully, you never end up in a situation where you need an emergency gate repair San Diego, but it is good to know that Quality Gate Company is standing by to answer your call and to make any gate repairs that you need in a hurry.

Physical Repairs

The type of emergency repair that we will have to complete will vary based on the age of the gate and how much maintenance service you have done in the past.

In many cases, physical damage has occurred, and you must have it fixed for the gate to start working again. Broken hinges and welds are common issues we deal with and, luckily, they usually don’t take too long to repair.

Other potential problems include sagging gates, broken barrier arms, and rusted components, all of which can prevent your gate from opening and closing in the way that you are accustomed.

Physical repairs are easy to diagnose because we can usually see what is causing the issue. As a result, your automatic gate repair is as simple as fixing the problems that we find.

Electric Component Repairs

In other situations, there isn’t any physical damage done to the gate, but instead, something is wrong with the electric components that help the unit to function.

For example, you might find that the gate is stuck closed or that it won’t open at all. In other situations, the gate might randomly open on its own or make loud noises. Additionally, the infrared beam that helps control the gate might not be functional, causing problems along the way.

No matter what the issue with your gate might be, you can call Quality Gate Company at (760) 723-2901 to have the problem fixed in no time at all thanks to our emergency gate repair service.

You might also experience emergency gate problems with the telephone or intercom system that you use in conjunction with the gate. For example, your guests might not be able to hear you when they arrive at your home and speak into the intercom system. This issue can go both ways, as there are situations where you might not be able to hear your guests, either.

Maybe your gate is behaving erratically, and only working sometimes or possibly the card reader that you use to access your property is broken. Your remotes could run into issues, preventing you from being able to open your gate or the gate loops could break down over time.

Our gate repair services start with a thorough diagnosis of the problem and go from there. Much like with a garage door repair, the goal is to get your gate functioning to the point where you can get your car in and out without waiting.

On-site Repairs

When dealing with an emergency repair, the hope is that we’ll be able to fix the issue on-site, without having to take any of the components to our shop.

The fact that we offer on-site service is excellent news when you need your gate repaired in a hurry because we will do everything in our power to get your gate up and running again without much of a disruption.

Licensed and Bonded Contractors

One thing to look out for when having your gate repaired in San Diego County is the quality of the contractor that you bring in. Since your gate is a home security device, hiring a bonded contractor is essential, as you don’t want to run into any issues. Also, because vehicles will be passing through these gates, hiring an insured contractor with the proper licensing is essential.

Quality Gate Company is fully licensed by the California Contractors State License Board, ensuring that you are receiving high-quality, safe service every time you contact us for your emergency gate repairs. After all, you wouldn’t bring someone off the street to repair your garage doors, and your automatic gates shouldn’t be any different.

Call Us Today

If you are experiencing a gate issue of any type, contact our experienced staff today at (760) 723-2901, and we will start the repair process immediately. Our expert team of technicians has seen nearly every gate issue imaginable, and our diagnostic services ensure that we can get to the bottom of your gate issue quickly and efficiently.

We can handle a new gate installation, too, should the problem be significant.

If you ever find yourself stuck behind your gate or unable to get your car into your driveway, make Quality Gate Company and our 24-hour emergency gate repair service your first call. We look forward to hearing from you.