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Automatic Gate Repairs and Installation

Despite La Jolla being a safe community in which to live, having a crime rate that is about one-third of the national average and far lower than nearby San Diego, home security remains an important topic.

Many homeowners throughout the area have invested in automatic gates for their driveways, as these devices ensure that no one can approach their house in a vehicle without first receiving the necessary permission.

Much like a garage door prevents unwanted visitors from entering that part of the house, a gate installation provides an added barrier between the street and the home.

Gates are more than just security devices, however, as they add style to a home, look good from the street, and come in a variety of different styles and colors. It is easy to see why motorized gates are so widespread in La Jolla and the rest of Southern California, but there is always the question of what to do when one of these units stops functioning or is damaged.

Quality Gates is the premiere San Diego gate installation, repair and maintenance company. Whether you need repair or installation, Quality Gates has the experience and expertise to provide a gate that is both attractive and functional with the best components in the business.   Installing a gate for home is an investment that not only increasing the value of your property but also provides much needed privacy and security for you and your family.

If properly maintained, a quality gate can last for many years without needing to be replaced. However like any appliance or device used in your home, there is always the chance that accidental damage such as a  guest backing into your metal gate or a tree that falls the wrong way onto your driveway.  Also in time, the components that make up the gate, such as the hinges, openers, and locks, will require maintenance or replacement, as well, much like with garage doors.  If  garage door repair becomes necessary, you know that you’d have it taken care of it immediately, and the same should go for your gate.

The fact that things could go wrong with an electric gate shouldn’t deter you from investing in one, but it is a good idea to find a gate installation company that can also maintain and repair your gate.

If you find yourself in need of gate repair or installation in La Jolla, Quality Gate Company provides all types of gate installations, repairs, and maintenance, ensuring that your electric automatic gate is always functioning at full capacity.

Give us a call at 760-723-2901 for a free estimate, and we’ll send a licensed, bonded, certified gate technician to your home to have a look. Once our technician has evaluated your needs, we will come up with new gate options or service plan that will provide you with the ideal solution to your requirements and preferences.

Gate Operator Issues

One of the main problems that our clients experience with their gates is a gate operator that no longer works. In some situations, the gate opener might not open or close the unit at all, leaving your property at risk. Other times, the operator has a mind of its own and will open and close whenever it feels like it.

Neither of these situations is ideal because you’ll want to have full control over how your gate works. Not to worry, however, as we have a team of experts standing by and even offer 24-hour emergency repair service, should the issue become important enough that you need us there right away.

Even if you gate operator starts making a noise that is out of the ordinary, you might consider contacting us to prevent the problem from disrupting your service in the future.

Physical Damage to the Gate

The longer you have your gate, the higher the risk of something going wrong. The components that allow the gate to function could stop working without notice, especially as they age. A broken hinge could appear out of nowhere, and once this occurs, your unit might become unresponsive.

The good news is that this is a relatively easy fix and something that our technicians handle on a regular basis.

Perhaps, however, the issue is a little bit more serious, such as a vehicle or tree damaging the gate. In this situation, the gate could have significant physical damage that will require a thorough repair. Not to worry, though, as Quality Gate Company has the equipment and expertise needed to get everything up and working again.

Mobile Welding Service

One of our most popular gate repair services is mobile welding. We have a welding truck that makes it possible for us to replace pickets and bars on your gate without having to remove the unit from your property.

Mobile welding is always the easiest way to do things because it saves time and, therefore, money. Electric gate repair doesn’t have to be cost prohibitive because we’ll do everything we can to minimize the expenses through our myriad of service options.

Keep in mind that we are sometimes forced to remove the entire gate from your property in cases where the damage is severe enough that a few simple welds won’t do the trick. In these scenarios, we’ll take the gate to our shop and work on it there. You can expect this to take a little bit longer than a mobile weld would, since the damage is more severe, but we will do everything in our power to get your gate back to you quickly.

Diagnostic Service

You might not realize what is happening with your gate, only knowing that something is up. That’s perfectly fine and is one of the reasons why we’re in business.

Our technicians will head to your residential or commercial property in La Jolla and conduct a thorough series of diagnostic tests. This meeting helps us to see which components are causing the problems so that we can address them.

Regular maintenance of your gate is a good idea because it can prevent issues from arising. We always recommend that you have us maintain your unit because it can prevent you from having to call us with a significant gate repair issue in the future.

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Whether your electric gate is starting to show signs of age or has stopped working altogether, you can give Quality Gate Company a call at 760-723-2901, and we’ll have the unit in tip-top shape in no time at all.

Our technicians are standing by and have experience with all types of gates and their issues, so we are 100% confident that we can have your unit up and running again right away.