Welding Services

Welding Services

Mobile Welding and Best Gate Repairs in San Diego

Many times, when your automatic gate isn’t working as it should or is starting to fall apart, there is an issue with one or more of the welds. You can visibly notice the damage when a driveway gate requires some welding work because hinges, locks, and bars might be falling off the gate, or the metal will look old and run down.

Once you let your gates get to a state of disrepair, it is only a matter of time before the telephone entry systems and other components start to fail, as well. For this reason, it is always a good idea to have your welding repair work completed as soon as you notice that there is an issue, as this prevents the problem from reaching more pressing, and expensive, levels.

While this welding work might look like a significant project, and it is for inexperienced contractors, Quality Gate Company handles issues like this on a daily basis. Our expert team of technicians can manage automatic electric gate problems of all types, even if the gate is physically falling apart.

You don’t have to go another day looking at your broken wrought iron gate thanks to our welding services in San Diego County. From the moment you contact us about your gate issue, we will treat it like it’s our top priority because we believe that efficient customer service is essential.

Give us a call at (760) 723-2901 if you notice that your gate is in a state of disrepair because our welders will get on the job right away and the sooner you get us on the job, the less likely it makes it that you’ll have to replace your gate in the future.

Our Climate

Southern California’s climate is an enemy of iron gates because the material tends to break down quickly here. In coastal areas, the humidity can cause rusting, and the salt from the ocean erodes the metal.

For this reason, those who live in San Diego, Oceanside, and other coastal zones should periodically inspect their automatic gates for damage. You might also consider signing up for a maintenance package, as these subscriptions make it easier for us to keep an eye on the metal that makes up your gate, potentially reducing the need for welding repairs in the future.

Likewise, in inland areas like Temecula, there is a lot of dust in the air. The dry climate combines with these particles to quickly break down materials, causing repairs to be necessary.

While the issues with climate are different as you move into more inland desert areas, keeping an eye on your gate and the state of its welding iron could save you money in the future.

On-site Gate Repairs

Once we arrive at your home or commercial property, we will assess any damage that is compromising the weld and the metal. If at all possible, we will repair your gate right on your property. We do this by using our mobile welding truck.

On-site repairs are ideal because they are faster and prevent us from having to disassemble the gate. For example, if the hinges on your gate are damaged and need a replacement, we can usually cut the old ones off and weld some new joints onto the gate without having to remove it.

Replacing the locks or reattaching the gate’s iron bars are also done on your property, as with these jobs, it usually takes a few simple welds to repair the entire issue. When it comes to locks, the old device is cut off, and a new one is seated there in its place. As for the bars, we can often reattach the metal that is already there, as long as there isn’t too much damage, which turns a significant repair into a relatively easy one.

Once the new weld is in place, the gate will be much more structurally sound, and you won’t have to worry about the components seizing up from rust or age.

Off-site Repairs

In situations where the damage is too extensive to repair on site, we will transport your gate, or sections of it, to our welding shop. From there, we will complete the repair and then return your gate to your property.

While having to remove the gate from your property isn’t ideal, as it takes longer than doing the job at your house, doing so ensures that we complete the task the right way and that you won’t run into other issues with the gate. Any job that requires us to remove the gate will be considerable in size, as it isn’t something that we can complete with our welding truck.

Off-site repairs might also be necessary if severe damage has made the gate unusable. Severe damage could occur in situations where a vehicle crashes into it, or a tree falls onto the device. When this happens, there could be twisted or broken materials that we’ll have to go through before we can start the repair and, therefore, it is much easier if we take the gate to our work site.

No matter what type of repair ends up being necessary, however, you can be confident that we will do the best job possible every time you trust us to handle your gate welding needs.

We’re Here to Help

Quality Gate Company stands behind every welding job that we complete, and your gate will be structurally sound and ready for everything the day throws at it.

It doesn’t matter if your gate is at a residential property and is only opened a few times a day, or is part of a commercial complex and is continually in use, our welding services will make the gate look as good as new.

Give us a call at (760) 723-2901 if need help with your gates, welding or otherwise, or notice that any of your welds look weak, so that we can start the repair process immediately.

Remember, no matter what type of automatic gate repair you require in San Diego and Riverside counties, Quality Gate Company is here to help.