What We Do

What We Do

Quality Gate Company specializes in the service and repair of automatic gates. We are authorized by major brands to perform, maintain, service and install electric gate equipment. Whether you need to repair a single component or the entire system – we can do it all! Call or email us today to schedule an appointment: 760-723-2901

Gate Installation

  • Assistance in Selecting Gate System
  • Material Selection for Gate
  • Residential or Commercial Gate Installation
  • Gate Operator and Control Installation
  • Telephone Entry System Setup and Installation
  • Gate Sensor Setup and Installation
  • Gate Customizations

Gate Operator Repair

  • Gate opener not working
  • Broken gate opener
  • Gate is stuck closed
  • Gate not responding
  • Gate opens on its own
  • Gate making loud noises
  • Problem is intermittent

Telephone Entry System Repairs

  • System is not ringing
  • Gate code not working
  • Program a new code, Kids moved out possibly.
  • Guest cannot hear me…
  • Hum/Noise on phone line
  • Hit by vehicle
  • Replace light bulbs
  • Improve or add Surge Protection

Gate Repair

  • Broken hinges
  • Sagging gates
  • Rusted gates
  • Faded or chipped paint
  • Barrier arm broken
  • Broken weld
  • Surge Protection needed
  • Continually hit by lightning
  • Needs a Maglock
  • Gates was hit in an accident

Emergency Service

  • Help! I’m stuck!!!
  • Fast Response Times for Emergency Repairs

Diagnostic Service

  • Gate closes on cars
  • Infrared beam not reversing gate
  • Gate is erratic
  • Gate loops not working
  • Remotes not working
  • Card Reader not working
  • Emergency Egress not working
  • Battery backup system not working

Preventive Maintenance

  • Annual residential gate maintenance- once a year
  • Quarterly commercial gate maintenance- every 3 months
  • Monthly industrial gate maintenance- every month

Welding Service

  • Gate fell off the hinges
  • Gate is rusted through
  • Pickets are bent
  • Replace hinges or brackets