Frequently Asked Questions

What is important to look for in a security gate company?

Do they have a contractor’s license?
How long have they been in business and how many gate installations have they done?
Do they have a dedicated service department that answers the phone?

Why is it important to use a licensed and bonded & Insured contractor? It protects you, the homeowner.

Quality Gate Company is a licensed contractor  (License # 820459), license by the California Contractors State License Board.
We hold a current Bond & Current Workers Compensation For Our Employees.

Gate Maintenance Programs

Gate operators are usually mounted outdoors, exposed to rain and sun, not to mention the wind blowing dirt into the mechanisms. Yearly maintenance will keep the gate working like new. Some gates with high cycle usage require more frequent checks. Cleaning the moving parts, lubricating moving parts, testing the gate limiters, testing for speed and smooth operation, as well as checking the gate itself for integrity needs to done. These checks are all part of a Quality Gate Company gate maintenance program. Quality Gate Company maintenance will keep things working like new, preventing breakdowns and catching things before they happen. To insure the security of your property it’s important to provide regular maintenance to maximize the operator life.

All Brands of Gate Operators

Rolling gates, swing gates, roll up gates or barrier gates, Quality Gate Company has a maintenance schedule specific to any brand or model, we handle them all.  If it turns out you need repairs beyond the opener, such as metal gate welding or fabrication, Quality Gate Company can take care of that too. Quality Gate Company has mobile welding and fabrication trucks that can visit and repair gates right on the spot. Mobile fabrication can save time and money using portable equipment.

Does Quality Gate Company repair damaged gates?

Yes, we specialize in fixing damaged gates and gate systems. Gates are routinely hit by cars requiring repairs. Often times we can repair an automatic electric gate on site with our mobile welding trucks. Depending on the extent of the damage, it may require the gate to be transported by us back to our shop for repair.

Gate Operator Old?

Think your gate opener is getting too old, acting slow and ready for replacement? Don’t do anything until you let Quality Gate Company take a look and analyze the problem. However if it’s truly ready for replacement Quality Gate Company will explain why and recommend a migration path for new unit. Quality Gate Company has years of experience with replacement engineering and installation, adapting newer technology openers to old gates when an exact replacement operator is no longer manufactured anymore.

Why is your estimate not the cheapest?

We make every effort to be competitive. Indeed, often our estimates will be proven to be more economical when everything is taken into account.  Moreover, there is inevitable administration that goes with being a professional company.  We are fully insured, trained and compliant with the many regulations involved.  We specialize in gate repair and installation whereas other companies do it as part of other services.  We are licensed and bonded which gives you the assurance that we are a trustworthy company who has been doing business in the San Diego area for many years.

Don’t Buy Your Own Equipment!

You will often see on the Internet companies selling only gate parts or operators.  It is important to be careful with these companies because there are hidden warranty difficulties with these purchases.

When you buy and install a gate system from a company like Quality Gate Company, you get a complete manufacturer warranty This means that if anything goes wrong with the job, Quality Gate Company will come out and correct any mistake or part that has failed.

The warranty will be covered on the part and Quality Gate Company will, at its expense, send the part away and procure the warranted part, and then replace it.

If you buy parts from a low cost alternative supplier, then these parts will be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.   But how are you going to decide which part is not good?  How are you going to take it out of the system and then send it away, and then how are you going to install it and test it?  It is important to answer these questions, because after you add in the costs of hiring a company to do the above, there may be no savings at all.  In fact, it might cost more than hiring a company that covers everything in their warranty. Also, peace of mind is worth a lot.