Commercial Gate Repair and Installation

Commercial Gate Repair and Installation

Automatic gates aren’t just for the home, as they provide value on your commercial property, as well. Actually, these gates might be even more valuable at your place of business because you likely have more vehicles coming and going than at home and, therefore, have more need for an electric gate.

In addition, there is a good chance that you have valuable goods on your commercial property, so having an extra layer of security is always a good idea. Much like you wouldn’t have a garage without a garage door, having a commercial driveway without gates and fencing increases the risk of theft and damage to your property and employee’s safety.

If you’ve been thinking about adding a gate to your San Diego or Riverside County commercial property but don’t know where to start, give Quality Gate Company a call at (760) 723-2901 to discuss our services and your needs. Our team of certified technicians is standing by to handle the installation or repair of your gate, ensuring that your property is safe and secure for years to come.

Features of a Commercial Gate

Before investing a new gate, you’ll unquestionably want to learn about how it works and why it benefits you. In many cases, you’ll install a gate with an automatic opener. The gate can either have a sensor, which opens the gate whenever a vehicle approaches, or an access control, so only those with the the proper codes or cards can open the gate.

The type of gate that you go with depends on the nature of the business that you’re operating. If you want to restrict access to your commercial property all day long, an access panel connected to remote openers or a telephone system is probably your best bet. That way, you can restrict entry to your business property to only those who have codes or entry keys.

Businesses that rely on a steady stream of customers coming onto the property, however, might want to go with a gate sensor system. These driveway gates can be locked at night, stopping unwanted vehicles from entering, while still providing customer access to your commercial property during the day.

Gate Materials Used

Of course, you’ll have a couple of different material options when having your San Diego commercial gates installed or replaced. Many business owners go with wrought iron because it is strong, durable, and does an excellent job of protecting your property. The main problem with iron gates is that they can rust, which can become a problem in coastal areas like Carlsbad, Oceanside and Del Mar. In those locations, it is a good idea to purchase gates that are treated or coated with material that makes them resistant to rusting.

As you move inland to the inner coastal, valley, mountain and desert regions, the climate changes quite dramatically.  Inner coastal areas such as Fallbrook, Temecula, Murieta, Escondido, Vista and Riverside have a drier, dustier environment which is less prone to rust and more likely to have issues with dirt clogging gears, chains and sensors.  Mountains and desert areas have more extremes of cold and hot, such as Palm Springs, El Cajon, Alpine, Julian, where electrical components and lubrication can take a beating due to freezing in winter and 100+ degree temperatures during the summer months.

Aluminum is another option to consider. This material is lighter and, therefore, not as durable, but it also doesn’t rust and can act as a deterrent. In the end, the choice is up to you depending on how protected you would like your commercial property to be.

Commercial Gate Repair

Once you have your gate installed, maintenance and repair will eventually become issues. The good news is that as long as you take care of your automatic gate and its components, it will last for years to come.

If someone bumps into your gate, it could cause some physical damage. In these situations, we will send a certified technician to your commercial business property to survey the damage. From there, we will come up with a plan to repair it quickly and efficiently.

We can usually repair the issue on-site with our mobile welding truck. The portable rig is by far the easiest way to conduct a repair because we fix the section that is damaged without removing it from your property and without any service disruption whatsoever.

There are situations, however, where the gate might have to be removed and taken to our shop for an off-site repair. Removal is usually necessary when we find extensive damage or wear and tear to the gate and, therefore, the restoration becomes more complicated.

Mechanical Issues

Other times, the problem with your gate might not be physical, but rather something that has gone wrong with some of the components that operate your gate. Our trained professional staff knows how to troubleshoot gate issues in a hurry, so you can expect an immediate fix.

We will do things like check the sensors, as a dirty or broken sensor can prevent your gate from opening. We will also have a look at the batteries, hinges, chains, tracks, and arms of your gate. The electrical components could also be causing the issue, so we’ll inspect those and come up with a solution. These issues are similar to the problems occasionally experienced by garage doors, and the repair is usually easy

In the end, trusting the professionals at Quality Gate Company means that you don’t have to spend hours trying to determine why your gate isn’t working. Just give us a call at (760) 723-2901 and forget about the issue because we’ll have the job done in no time at all.

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It doesn’t matter if you need a brand new automatic gate installed or already have a gate on your commercial property and would like to have it repaired, Quality Gate Company is here to help. Our team of technicians deal with gates everyday and know how to get to the bottom of any gate-related issue that you experience.

Before choosing a gate to install in Southern California, set up an appointment with Quality Gate Company to go over your options and ensure that you make the best choice for your business. After all, security is vital to your business’ success, so it’s not worth taking any chances.

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